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Sour OG

Sour OG

Sour Diesel and OG Kush have already been one of the most popular famous strains in their lineage. The good thing for the breeder who came up with the idea to combine both to create a unique result. The Sour OG as a pungent aroma that is a mixture of diesel, earthy, and sour lemon.

Flavor and Effects of Sour OG

Well, the blended taste of pungent diesel and lemon and pine, including the earthy undertones, has a big contribution to how enticing the Sour OG is. For the effects, you will be happy and uplifted and feel relaxed after. The euphoria that is felt by the body goes straighter into the mind to create ideas as a solution to problems.

Medical Benefits of Sour OG

Mental disorders and problems that include stress and depression have been one of the ailments that the Sour Og can treat. Some cases include moderate types of pain such as headaches, lower back pain and such, inflammation as well can get rid of by this strain.

Negative Effects of Sour OG

Sour OG can cause you a manageable headache, slight paranoia, dizziness while you will be pretty annoyed with the dry mouth and the dry eyes.

Growing Sour OG

The Sour OG can thrive with both outdoors and indoors, however, in most cases with gardeners who seek more yield, consider methods and techniques. To reach this goal, every gardener must understand that, there should always be precautions and measures to consider.

For outdoors, Sour OG can thrive very well, considering that it can survive in warm places, but there are forces of nature that are completely out of our control. Thus, we can always make use and find ways to make amends. Making our plants healthy by using organic products might be a little challenge especially if you don’t know the formula. Making a compost tea is considerably easy, it is just a mixture of all the organic stuff and break it down to create one great juice for the soil, compost tea. This juice will be your plant booster to make your plants healthier.

Now for indoors, plants that are grown inside can be very weak at some point if the needed nutrients and care won’t be given. Sour OG is resistant to common mold but is not with other diseases. Hydroponic is one of the most effective ways to get rid of all your worries pertaining to your plant and second for the yield you can get. This method is basically planting on in a medium, and rock wool is the most popular medium of hydroponics. It is well recommended for all types of plants, especially with plants who have a problem with weak rooting.