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Sour Mango Haze

Sour Mango Haze

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It is a cross between Northern Lights #5, Skunk and Haze. This tricky compound containing different genetics was made possible by Mr. Nice Seeds, who successfully grew them well. They can be easily identified through their broad, elongated buds. Also, their flowers are similar to a spade but expanded with pine-like cones that add up to their unique appearance.

Flavor and Effects of Sour Mango Haze

If properly cultivated, the plant will release a powerful citrus smell. The recognizable scent of mango will be predominant along with its sweet and fizzy aroma. When harvested, it unveils a spicy fragrance, and when burnt, it produces a smell that is both sweet and smoky when exhaled.

Its flavors will soothe a person’s smelling buds, but it may take time to unveil its strange effects. Pressure around the eyes will soon be felt by the smoker as well as in their forehead. Strange effects include chances of hallucinations, and a sudden change of attitude is also probable. The consumer may start having weird excitement and getting energy from out of nowhere and can act as a pain reliever.

Medical Benefits of Sour Mango Haze

Medical contributions of the plant can be beneficial for treating both short-term and long-term illnesses. Getting rid of your daily annoyance is also one of the tasks of this strain. It can provide moderate relief to hard-core aches and pain in your body. It is an effective remedy for fatigue and long-term mental conditions like anxiety, uncontrolled stress and depression, migraine, and severe headaches.

Negative Effects of Sour Mango Haze

Too much obsession towards this weed can lead to sudden delusions where your actions may be unjustifiable. Acting without precautionary measures and unconscious movements are probable. Chances of getting more anxious and an increase in the severity level of your headaches are also possible. Dizziness and having dry eyes and mouth can be experienced if not consumed under the right prescription or beyond its limits.

Growing Sour Mango Haze

It has different measurements when cultivated indoors or outdoors. It is sensitive to temperature, and the fact that it can grow up to 6 feet high, the cultivator should utilize and control their heights in the early stage of its growth.

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