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Sour Mandarine

Sour Mandarine

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Sour mandarine is a strain containing 80% of Sativa genetics that includes Biker Kush V1.0. The plant first began to grow and develop in Nepal, Afghanistan, and the United States. It was created under the supervision and joint efforts of Trichome Jungle and Karma genetics.

What are Flavor and Effects of Sour Mandarine

It may taste like pine and may come with a spicy and sour flavor, combined with its earthly and fruity fragrance. The overall aroma will make you feel a tingling sensation, wherein you will feel calm, relaxed, uplifted, and in an instant, sources of energy will come out of nowhere. Aside from these, a sudden gain of appetite can also be acquired from smoking it. This will help one’s positive mindset to prosper, making the person become optimistic about everything.

Medical Benefits of Sour Mandarine

This type of strain is an effective remedy to physical pain like back pain or chances of being over fatigue. It is also beneficial to some mental issues like stress, depression, and anxiety attacks since this widely affects the cerebral aspects of a person once consumed.

Negative Effects You Can Expect of Sour Mandarine

Despite all the medical contributions this strain has, we cannot disregard the fact that it also contains many negative side effects. This includes severe anxiety attacks, dry mouth, dry eyes, drowsiness, dizziness, and headaches. This may be a good supplement for certain illnesses, but if not taken properly, it may cause a person to use it to have fatal conditions.

Growing Sour Mandarine

This plant can grow in both indoor and outdoor settings provided that it has the right attention it needs. With the help of some fertilizers and pesticides, better results will satisfy you during harvest time.