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Sour LSD

Sour LSD

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Sour LSD was the result after crossbreeding the Sour Bubble and the LSD from the B.O. G. Seeds. This half Sativa half Indica has traits perfectly distributed from the parents. The cerebral high that it can offer is very fast-acting and fast pacing that it won’t even be noticed until you are already lifted. When it comes to the high toning down, the same impact is still welcome but calmer.

The fans of Sour LSD always look for its distinct aroma that is well mixed up of the pungent earthy and the sweet citrus but spicy scent it can give out.

Flavor and Effects of Sour LSD

The unique flavors that will be tasted with the Sour LDS are the sour lemon citrus orange and fruity with a little hint of earthy flavors. The effects are the very exceptional happy and uplifted mood that will give you more energy all day and be very creative as well.

Medical Benefits of Sour LSD

For depression and stress felt together with the all-over body fatigue that surrounds you will get done by the time you try to use the Sour LSD. Other ailments that will b dealt with are the pain and the eating disorder.

Negative Effects of Sour LSD

It is expected to experience the drying of the mouth when using the Sour LSD, but it is more than that when there is overdosing. Excessive use can lead you to paranoia, anxiety, light headache, and dizziness.

Growing Sour LSD

Sour LSD is best grown by gardeners with experience, for it needs different temperatures for the different phases until the flowering period. It is best to grow indoors and under a controllable environment.

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