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Sour Lifesavers

Sour Lifesavers

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The Sour Lifesavers of BOG Seeds, is the child of the Lifesaver and the Sour Bubble strain, as expected the qualities will be very high including the characteristic which is small dense buds and the light green pop-corn like shaped if the nugs and the tangerine-colored hairs look very interesting other than the effect that will save your day.

Flavor and Effects of Sour Lifesavers

Lifesaver is known for its sweetness, just like this cannabis that is quite a sweet berry. Cherry fruity taste with a kick of sour and spice on the palate. The effects, however, are very empowering for the body high hits euphoric and calming, with a little focus and when it starts to go down, you will feel relaxed and sleepy.

Medical Benefits of Sour Lifesavers

This strain can aid the ailments such as heavy anxiety, loss of appetite, fatigue, chronic pain such as arthritis and back pain, stress, and, most of all, in treating insomnia and seizures.

Negative Effects of Sour Lifesavers

Sour Lifesaver’s adverse reaction is very concentrated on overdoses such as paranoia and drying of the mouth and eyes. So for newbies that don’t know what will kick them, refrain first from this cannabis and move on to a lower one.

Growing Sour Lifesavers

This strain is slightly elusive, maybe due to its difficult when it comes to gardening this cannabis. To make this plant easier to take care of, put it in a growing tenant or in a more controllable are, where you can do temperatures according to what you want and need by the Sour Lifesavers, including the light, because of its sensitivity, most often only a few cultivators do it.

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