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Sour Lemons

Sour Lemons

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Crossbreeding the California Sour and Lemon OG created the Sour Lemon. Taken from its name, it is already expected to have the sour aroma and the lemony scent as well, aromas that will wake you up and do tasks without stopping because of the mood boost that it can provide.

This strain is known to have a relaxing effect, not just in body but in mind. It can be a good addition to your mourning routine before you start your day, just to cheer up the sleeping senses.

Flavor and Effects of Sour Lemon

It has an inviting taste of sour lemon and the earthy undertones to awaken the sleeping body and soul. Thus, giving you the relaxing effect but euphoric. You may slowly feel uplifted and can boost your confidence, not in a bragging way, but in an optimistic way.

Medical Benefits of Sour Lemon

If you are in a very stressful situation that may lead to depression, Sour Lemon is your savior. It can calm your mind top think things slowly to avoid fatigue. This can also be helpful to get you to bed and have a long deep sleep.

Negative Effects of Sour Lemon

Irritation and drying of the eyes are the most common negative effects when using Sour Lemon. This is because of its high THC level and that sour scent that made it possible.

Growing Sour Lemon

To get good yield with Sour Lemon, the basic thing to do is to prune it, due to its heavy body that causes it to be very prone to mildew especially when the creases and the narrow part won’t be exposed to light and air, that will give you a problem

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