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Sour Kosher

Sour Kosher

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The Sour Kosher from DNA Genetics was the lovechild of Kosher Kush. Best known to be the dankest Kush’s in the cannabis world and the Multi Cup Winner and the Sour Diesel, known to as the high that will shoot you right with the energy but will leave you relaxed after the hit.

The Sour Kosher is one of the heavy lifters when it comes to high that it can provide, apart from how long-lasting that can happen. The terpenes profile of this strain shows how useful it will be for medicinal purposes and how the hit can be very inviting not to mention the aroma that is best described to have as a sweet and spicy diesel scent will take you to the heaven, not as dead but as an angel. Best for relaxation in the afternoon and will be harvested during the month of October.

Flavor and Effects of Sour Kosher

Same as the parents, the Sour Kosher also have this distinct taste of diesel that is quite good with the sweet and spicy flavor then a hint of overwhelming sourness stirs you with a very calming effect, the cerebral high that will bring you to a worry-free mind, so clear that it uplifts your mood until you get to be satisfied.

Medical Benefits of Sour Kosher

Advantages when using the Sour Kosher, it is effective for people who have inflammation in the body, and chronic pain to mention are, migraines, severe to lighter headaches, lower back problems, arthritis. In some cases, for those who suffer anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders, the terpene profile is a good match in taking care of those ailments.

Negative Effects of Sour Kosher

This Kosh is highly potent, so if you have sensitivity with the Kosh’s properties, not to mention allergies, you will likely feel paranoia, feeling anxious at all times, itching of the eyes, painful eye pressure. For usual consumed dosage, the severe negative effects you will feel is mostly drying of the mouth and eyes, and sometimes eye irritation.

Growing Sour Kosher

Sour Kosher is an easy to grow the type of cannabis for those who have experienced it, but there are certain methods that a newbie needs to know.

First thing first, the Sour Kosher has a tall stature, so, this plant needs occasional trimming, no matter if it is indoors or outdoors. This way, it can shed some light on the lower buds below that were not exposed to sunlight, in this way, aside from the oxygenating; it can also help to reduce the cases of molds and mildews. Another thing is to prune the dead and the unimportant part of your plant. Some dead branches hold and halt nutrients from there, so it goes to nowhere but waste. In order to spread it out evenly, prune them once or twice or as needed to ensure that the Sour Kosher gets hold on all the nutrients needed.

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