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Sour Jilly

Sour Jilly

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The Sour Jilly is single-handed offspring of the famous Jilly Bean, the cannabis that well knows to have won the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup. This strain has the aroma of sweet citrus that will wake you combined with the earthy smell to make you calm all day. Sour Jilly is good for morning used where you can be productive and tranquility active.

Flavor and Effects of Sour Jilly

The flavor is a sweet berry and tropical fruits. Mixed with the tangy lemon and the earthy diesel undertone are the flavors that can invigorate your sleepy mind. You will be happy and euphoric, and the vibrancy of energy surrounds you while you feel uplifted and talkative

Medical Benefits of Sour Jilly

The good effects are dealing with underlying stress and depression and ADHD. In some instances, light to moderate headaches can also be an aid, especially with tension and fatigue in the body.

Negative Effects of Sour Jilly

Using Sour Jilly as expected, can make you have dry eyes that can sometimes lead to irritation. You can feel paranoia and headache at times and drying of the mouth

Growing Sour Jilly

Sour Jilly is a tall plant that needs support on its stalk as the flowering week starts. For it can get heavier that will lead to bent and then break. And in connection to its height, trimming should be done to spread out the air and light all throughout the plant. It can also promote a healthier plant that is less case of mold and mildews.

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