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Sour headband

Sour headband

Sour Headband, a child from two great equally amazing combinations of traits from both Sour Diesel, mood-boosting cannabis with tall stature and the Headband, a cerebral high that seems to some kind of halo. Now, the lovechild Sour Headband possesses the best traits of both parents.

Sour Headband has an exceptional and very intense aroma that is a combination of the diesel and spice of fuel, and most of all, the lemon and that sour scent that you can’t forget because of its THC levels. This can be a good addition to your morning routine to keep you from worrying too much and have a crystal clear thinking. This one has long-lasting effects. Fortunately, the yield you can get from this cannabis is somewhat dependent on how large and dense are the buds of this plant during the middle or late of October.

Flavor and Effects of Sour Headband

Sour Headband may have an unusual flavor combination of the sour lemon and citrus, then includes the diesel with little floral tones, that was taken after its parents, but it can always compensate to outstand the expectations, especially with the effects that include the euphorically relaxed and very happy state of uplifting feeling. It can also be a cause for you to talk out loud and be more sociable.

Medical Benefits of Sour Headband

For medicinal benefits, Sour Headband has already proved its worth in some ways, such as treating severe depression and moderate stress. It can also be an analgesic for headaches and fatigue and not so serious inflammation.

Negative Effects of Sour Headband

When using Sour Headband, you will feel the drying of the eyes and may feel anxious. But in some cases, the dry mouth gets a little and slim chance of paranoia.

Growing Sour Headband

Interesting about Sour Headband, though it might be a little difficult to cultivate, there is a lot of gardeners who want to try raising it, for they don’t mind the effort over the medicinal benefits they can get and the superb effects.

Now, to start, this plant needs to be protected against nature’s common occurrences such as snow and heavy rains, in short, it can’t stand outside without any help, so to aid out and help it thrive, you can put a canopy for the meantime if that happens.

If you choose to put it indoors, it will be much easier, have temperature control to deal with the planting activity. You can also use methods that will help the plant more such as setting up the hydroponics, it this way, much less effort in watering the plants, it can also be the way of getting rid of diseases that are acquired when the soil is used as the medium. And it will take the nutrients directly to the roots instead of getting if from the soil. As a result, the high yield for you.