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Sour Dubble

Sour Dubble

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The great combination of Sour Bubble with Sour Diesel created another sour strain but a mixture of pungent woody and sweetly fruity, spicy herbal aromas, the Sour Dubble. The effects released can make you feel invincible, so a little slow on the newbies who want to get high with this cannabis.

Flavor and Effects of Sour Dubble

The mixed of fruity flavors and tangy will be empowered more by the diesel and woody taste with a little hint of herbs and spice. Great flavors for great effects, to feel focused and energetic, feel happy while being sociable, and feel creative to let out all your thoughts.

Medical Benefits of Sour Dubble

Using Sour Dubble will be of help to depression and insomnia, including fatigue and lack of appetite, so settling with anorexia might be successful if given a chance with this strain. It can aid in the pain in the body.

Negative Effects of Sour Dubble

Negative effects of using Sour Dubble are drying of the mouth and drying of eyes and just a little headache.

Growing Sour Dubble

Outdoor can be fine, or under the tress where it can be given shade, however, it won’t be that easy. For the cold temp outside will much come out freezing at night. It will be a problem if it will get frostbite.

To cultivate the Sour Dubble, always make sure that the temperature that it will settle into will be a little cooler and not freezing. To ensure this temperature, it is much better to get a temperature-controlled indoor system to avoid arising problems that will freeze out the plants.