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Sour Dream

Sour Dream

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Sour Dream had been very well known in the cannabis world from the West Coast to East Coast up to the Southwest Coast, aside from the black market. The parents of the Sour Dream are the highly recommended potent strain when it comes to energizing, the Blue Dream, mind-melting cannabis, and the Sour Diesel, a combination of energy and relaxation.

The aroma that feels the air when using the Sour Dream is the sweet and sour, then you get to smell the pungent diesel that makes it even more interesting, then you will be expecting a feeling energized and happy feeling. The Sour Dream is a perfect plant to do daytime activities.

Flavor and Effects of Sour Dream

Sour Dream offers a sweet and sugary taste but with a twist of diesel and tobacco and a little, skunk taste. The cerebral high that it can offer will be more on the euphoric high, which is uplifting, then comes to the energizing effect where you will be able to handle lots of tasks, especially if it involves creativity, it will let you think more of many ideas.

Medical Benefits of Sour Dream

Sour Dreams can be beneficial to anxiety, bipolar disorder, relieving chronic pain such as head numbing migraine and headache, reducing depression and eye pressure, too much fatigue, nausea, PTSD, and getting rid of stress.

Negative Effects of Sour Dream

Usual consumption can cause dry eyes and mouth, feel nervous, cottonmouth, and red eyes. Halt using this strain if you have sensitivity with its contents for it can cause anxiety and paranoia.

Growing Sour Dream

Growing Sour Dream depends on where to put them either indoor or outdoor or if the gardener has experience or none. But the most recommended is for you to have an experience or ask someone to help you in dealing and doing the solution to have a healthier strain.

For outdoor, it is quite easy for the Sour Dream, must really be exposed to warm climates, but exposing too much temperature with low humidity can result in drying of the leaves that can also affect the soil and the nutrients on it. Now to address the problem, feeding the soil organically can be a big support for it to retain its moisture and prevents plants from running out of the water, and that method is called the mulching.

Now for indoor, since Sour Dream can be prone to any powdery mildew, this problem can be prevented by putting the plant into a high humidity area and trimming it from time to time, in this way, the plant will be well-ventilated, and the nutrients will be distributed evenly. Always remember that mildews come from creases that did not dry due to low ventilation.

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