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Sour Cream

Sour Cream

From Amsterdam, the crossing of the two highly respected strains namely the G13 HAze that is quite well known from its high that it can provide due its outstanding Indica characteristics and the sour, Sour Diesel, an unforgettable aroma and exceptional Sative traits. The child called Sour Cream benefited and inherited both of the parents’ unique traits but it was more on the Sour Diesels side fro it shows characteristics to be more on the sedation and relaxation effect.

Sour Cream maybe a little sour on the smell but it will all be mixed with the earthy scent and leave you with the sweet and spicy aroma. And this train will be benefited by the month of late October to early November.

Flavor and Effects of Sour Cream

The herbal taste is fully combined with citrus, tropical fruits such as berries but with a twist on the sweet and spicy side of the palate. The effects are exceptional happy feelings that will put you more relaxed then you will melt away in the euphoria with more focused to give attention to whatever you are thinking and uplifting mood begins and keep you there for a long time.

Medical Benefits of Sour Cream

Sour Cream can be of help to dealing with mental issues such as bipolar disorder, going through depression, and a higher intensity of anxiety, thanks to this strain property that involves more on the sedative side. Other few ailments are the ADD/ ADHD problem, dealing with chronic pain, headaches, and sleeping disorder and fibromyalgia, as well.

Negative Effects of Sour Cream

Usual side effects that are quite prominent when using the Sour Cream are dry mouth, headache, the drying if the eyes that lead to irritations and redness then become watery. You may also find yourself feel dizzy at times, seem anxious, cottonmouth and occasional paranoia.

Growing Sour Cream

Though it can grow in both indoor and outdoor, Sour Cream still has downsides that need to be addressed, in order to get a good yield and grow them healthier.

For outdoor, this can yield a lot higher than expected but little to other gardeners know that this plant is not that resilient when it comes to disease and mildew, even if it grows in a perfect environment, it can still get powdery mildews due to very low humidity, and most of all, if there is no pruning. To some, it may be tedious and tiring but the pruning process will help a lot to give ventilation to other narrow streaks of the plant that is not exposed to sunlight, and it can help a lot with the distribution of nutrients from other branches that are dried or dead already.