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Sour Cherry Sherbet

Sour Cherry Sherbet

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Sour Cherry Sherbet was created by the TKO Reserve by crossing the Laughing Gas, a known to maintain powerful fuel aroma and the Sunset Sherbet with intoxicatingly great results.

Sour Cherry Sherbet has a strong aroma of berry and floral and mixed with pine that makes it very inviting, then the diesel scent and herbal in fuel smell.

Flavor and Effects of Sour Cherry Sherbet

Flavorful sherbet with a combination of berry and cherries are mixed with lavender and pine while diesel, herbal and wood become the last taste that will surprise you in your palate. The cerebral high that it can provide is a happy relaxing type of body high that will be uplifting and can cause to be sociable.

Medical Benefits of Sour Cherry Sherbet

If you are going through problems such as ailment that has a connection to depression, mood swings and stress, then, this cannabis is the correct one for you. And then if you are dealing with insomnia, you should try to hit this Sour Cherry Sherbet to get you to bed.

Negative Effects of Sour Cherry Sherbet

When it comes to negative effects, most likely to happen are the drying of the mouth, slight paranoia, and dryness of the throat.

Growing Sour Cherry Sherbet

In growing this cannabis strain, it is a must to do pruning method, once or twice or as long as you can see any dead branches that don’t function anymore so that all nutrients will be distributed evenly on the plant, thus making it healthier.

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