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Sour Cheese

Sour Cheese

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This hybrid strain is the child after crossing two highly potent and very energizing marijuana called the Cheese and Sour Diesel, the Sour Cheese from the Netherlands, and bred by Devil’s Harvest Seed Company. Thishighly seductive cannabis seductive and must be tried for those who wanted to try a sweet smell of pungent cheese with a little diesel in the last scent, and the cerebral high can be very in a terrific mood where you will do things that were left undone. Good for gatherings where you just needed to let out the real you in a good way of course.

To deeply described Sour Cheese, it has very fine frosty trichomes, the pleasing to the eye nugs that are quite large and has a deep green color coated in hairs with dark amber hues including the patches present. Perfect blossoming time for this cannabis is during the middle of October,

Flavor and Effects of Sour Cheese

All-time favorite cheese from blue cheese to ordinary cheese is the strong note for Sour Cheese while twisted for the combination of hints from diesel making it a spicy a little but best flavor experienced. Then it comes to the high, it can kick you up a notch to feel how happy and energetic, while being sociable expressing what you do best without shyness around. You will also feel euphoric and uplifted where positive meets the best personalities.

Medical Benefits of Sour Cheese

The beneficial purpose of the Sour Cheese is the treatment for stress to relive it for a little while then depression, where you get-go, relax, and be worry-free. For nausea, this strain can also be a big help and to chronic pain, especially the lower back pain that needs a lot of attention. And for the eyes pressure that is quite painful to experience.

Negative Effects of Sour Cheese

Drying of the mouth can be somehow lessened and reduce if keeping yourself hydrated after using the sour cheese. And if in some cases, you will feel the dry eyes and slight paranoia associated with dizziness and headache.

Growing Sour Cheese

Sour Cheese is a little terrifically full of smell to be cultivated outdoor aside from its tall stature. It is highly recommended to place it indoors, especially if you are residing in townhouses with a little closer on backyards.

For indoor planting, everything is done with no limitations, but to deal with the odor, just set up ventilation in your garden or used a fan to do the task. Next is the control system for the humidity, climate, and temperature where you can turn it into a warm and sunny temperature without exceeding it into a very hot day that may be the cause for the Sour Cheese to get wilted.