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Sour Candy

Sour Candy

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Sour Candy has been known to everyone since then fro it was one of the most favorite treats for any occasion that gives too much happiness and smile on our faces. The Sour Candy from the cannabis world has the same effect; the cerebral high gives a pleasant feeling of euphoric happiness.

A combination of fruity flavor from spicy and sweet, but too pungent diesel is the last aroma that will hang onto your nostrils and give you the best effect. This strain blossoms very well in the month of October.

Flavor and Effects of Sour Candy

Sour Candy is a complex flavor of all candies that you would want in in one box, but with Sour Candy, the Cannabis strain is more like it is in one candy only where you will taste the fruity taste with tropical flavors of lemon and citrus that will be combined with the unusual diesel spice. The integration of all flavors will be a converted high that will give you euphoric happiness and uplifted while keeping you relaxed. Then comes the part where you get to be talkative and more of a person who shares vision and ideas to show the creativity side.

Medical Benefits of Sour Candy

Sour Candy is much more beneficial to taking care of the stress and the mental disorder where you would want to be alone due to depression. It can also be an aid in dealing with the muscle spasm that is quite disturbing and eating disorders as well. It may not get rid of the pain, but Sour Candy can make it lessen for a moment.

Negative Effects of Sour Candy

For using it regularly, it is normal to experience the drying of the mouth. Seldom cases would be associated with the drying of the eyes, feel dizzy, a little hint of a headache, and slight paranoia.
Growing Sour Candy

To start with, this is quite a pretty tall plant that needs a lot of attention and care. It can be both okay with indoor setup and outdoor, but there should also be cautious and how to solve it.

For indoor, this cannabis is already good for it has qualities that can resist mildew and molds. But it can never be safe with Fusarium, the fungus that commonly resides and present in the soil. That is why in most cases, gardeners prefer to do gardening in hydroponics, it may be a bit expensive but it will save a lot of your plants and will double the production. Hydroponics is a lifesaver for the cannabis industry, for it will take all the nutrients directly from water and to the roots and to the plant directly.