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Sour Bubba

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When two robust strains are combined, the result is exceptional. Sour Bubba is a marijuana plant created by blending two popular strains, Sour Diesel and Bubba Kush. While these two-parent strains have their outstanding properties, Sour Bubba came out to have unique traits every cannabis lover would surely love.

Having resinous trichomes, this marijuana plant portrays its Indica nature. It is rich in sweet and spicy flavors perfect for all types of cannabis users. Its moderate to a high percentage of THC gives every cannabis user a reason to not undermine Sour Bubba. Suitable for night time use, this cannabis gives you an all-purpose smoke.

Flavor and Effects of Sour Bubba

This cannabis plant is a total package when it comes to its flavors. Sour Bubba offers you a taste of citrus like lemon paving a way of its sour taste. These were blended with diesel and spicy flavors accentuated with herbal kicks. With all of this richness, this marijuana plant offers a refreshing taste every consumption.

Users appreciate the focused and cerebral effect of Sour Bubba. It gives off to your social and associative nature leaving you more creative. As this soft euphoria drops off, you’ll feel its sedative properties tingling inside your body leading you to a couch-locked effect.

Medical Benefits of Sour Bubba

Due to the deep relaxing properties Sour Bubba offers, it is highly suitable for patients battling with stress and depression. Its sedative effect makes you at peace for a period enabling you to tog et your energy back. It is also a good antidote for sleeping disorders like insomnia as this weed helps you achieve a sound sleep after its cerebral kicks. It has also inflammatory properties and helps relieve pain like arthritis.

Negative Effects of Sour Bubba.

Considering the high amount of THC, Sour Bubba may give you some paranoia and panic with excessive doses. As part of its adverse effects, people with low tolerance of THC must take precautions. Beware, it will make your eyes and mouth dry as well.

Growing Sour Bubba Some information and Tips

This weed gives growers a lot of options since you may grow it indoor or outdoor. Outdoor cultivation requires a climate with moderate humidity with 21 to 26 degree Celsius as its daytime temperature. For indoor cultivation, growers must keep in mind that it has medium to tall height. You might encounter problems in this matter so experts advise applying methods like pruning. You can do it during vegetation to ensure that it will not grow outrageously tall. With a promise of great yield, both growers in outdoor and indoor cultivation must make sure that the proper amount of nutrients are given to them.