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Sour Blueberry

Sour Blueberry

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From the Humboldt Seed Organization, they created the Sour Blueberry using two cannabis namely the famous Blueberry and the Sour Diesel #2, which both have unique traits and qualities passed on to the Sour Blueberry that will mark the cannabis community with an exceptionally sweet taste, but the effects will be more than the parent can give.

Sour Blueberry is a Sativa leaning hybrid that is well described to have heavy and thick dense buds coated in very bright tangerine hair. The aromas that it possesses are more on the berry side, such as wild berries and the twist of citrus fruits very invitingly relaxing aroma. If you are looking for an unforgettable high but not the type where you will get paranoid, then this is for you. It may be a sweet surrender but will always be an unforgettable battle that you will get every month of October as it flowering time.

Flavor and Effects of Sour Blueberry

One of the best sought after taste from the Sour Blueberry is the combination of berries that goes with tropical fruits with a twist on the citrus flavor but with an earthy undertone. The cerebral high that it can provide is more on the long-lasting side and will definitely send you on a tingly feeling but very happy and relaxed. The euphoria it can provide will make you uplifted and contented because the kick was not just mind but also on the body, a head to toe experience.

Medical Benefits of Sour Blueberry

For Sour Blueberry, the sedating effects are more welcoming to those who are goingthrough different ailments and will not be limited to depression, getting rid of stress, treating anxiety, reducing nervous breakdown, and panic attacks. Some cases would also include chronic pain that consists of lower back pain, headaches, and migraines. The last would be treating ADHD.

Negative Effects of Sour Blueberry

For the negative effects, if this strain will be used too frequently without checking if how much dosage has been taken, it will result in drying of the eyes that will lead to irritation. Another thing is the eye pressure that will be experienced aside from the paranoia that will last a little longer. Just a piece of advice to the user who wants to try, it takes away all the fun if you suffer because of too much, so just use it for recreational purpose and medicinal not for overkilling it.

Growing Sour Blueberry

Trimming the top of the Sour Blueberry has many benefits not just on the yield but also for the overall health of the plant. It very tedious if you have no time, but topping your plant can create a better freshening and exposure to air for those buds and nugs that are on the lower parts of the plants. The stalk support should also be administered to prevent the plant from breaking down.