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Sour Apple

Sour Apple

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The offspring of Sour Diesel, a Sativa dominant that can last for up to two and a half hours of high and Pure Kush, which is known to have a heavy head- hitting indica dominant hybrid, was created by the breeder called the Top Shelf Seed. The child was called then the Sour Apple has a quite decent high that was inherited directly from its parents, a great inducer of creative styles just when you needed them most and most of all, a large outdoor yield if given the best treatment.

When the smell arises, the fruity scent that fights the diesel scent that comes along with its musky fragrance makes the Sour Apple and ideal relaxant to go for in times of the very hectic and long day. Blossom time for this strain is early to mid of October

Flavor and Effects of Sour Apple

Flavors of the Sour Apple consist of sweet fruity flavors that will be distinguished and identified as the apple with a mix of lemon with lime and the most uplifting taste of citrus. This cannabis had been known to have a big help to feel happy while very relaxed, where the euphoric feeling is more on uplifting that gives you more ideas and focuses on whatever you do. Thus the creativeness side of you can emerge, in that way, you will be more productive and have lots of accomplishment.

Medical Benefits of Sour Apple

Stress reliever cannabis has a lot of medical benefits to offer such as to improve cases of depression and fatigue. A pain reliever for chronic pains such as migraine, typical headaches, and arthritis. Sour Apple has a high relaxant and sedative property that can also benefit from sleep disorders especially insomnia.

Negative Effects of Sour Apple

Sour Apple should also be used with caution for even it is quite helpful. It also has properties that can cause adverse effects such as severe headache, moderate cases of dry mouth and eyes, and including dizziness and slight paranoia.

Growing Sour Apple

Tall cannabis that goes up to a more than ten feet high, a disadvantage for outdoor growers, but can be hidden if cultivated outdoors but by trimming it from time to time, to ensure the growth control and at the same time, to prevent you neighbors from noticing it.

If you are planning t take the cultivation indoors, you can use hydroponics. In this way, you can grow it fast and have a better harvest with less effort. Just one last thing to watch with this strain is if it is exposed to too much coldness that can harbor mildews in its narrow parts, make sure that it won’t be able to spread out to other parts.

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