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Sour Amnesia

Sour Amnesia is a sativa-dominant hybrid mix that was made by intersection Sour Diesel with Amnesia. This bud was made by HortiLab Seeds and is known for being a cool, natural, and citrus strain that has inspiring and mind-twisting impacts. 

This plant has won a few honors for its agreeable impacts and even brought home the runner up prize at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2012 for best sativa. It is extra charming because of its fragrance and lively flavor profile. This strain is anything but difficult to develop and can be developed even by amateur producers. 

Flavor and Effects of Sour Amnesia

The flavors of Sour Amnesia are earthy, sweet, diesel, citrus, grapefruit, and lemon. Sour Amnesia is a very stimulating and inspiring sort of strain. On the off chance that you need any kind of help with your temperament, at that point, this bud can act the hero and set you straight. You will feel glad and inspired when smoking this strain, as it will make you feel positive and hopeful. 

Sour Amnesia will make them feel giggly, and your contemplations will be marginally senseless yet additionally enlivened and cheerful. The strain will leave you in a euphoric cloud that will endure for the vast majority of your high, or in any event, constantly return the waves.

Medical Benefits of Sour Amnesia

Sour Amnesia is an ideal medicinal strain that can be utilized to treat many crippling and eternal issues. This strain is most importantly prescribed for the treatment of interminable worry, as it tends to invigorate and is ideal for only that toward the beginning of the day. 

Those patients searching for an approach to deal with their constant and extreme torment may profit by the normal utilization of this specific bud. This plant can help lessen aggravations, which can help decrease indications for the individuals who experience the ill effects of ceaseless headaches, spinal pains, and muscle fits.

 Negative Effects of Sour Amnesia

Sour Amnesia may create some unfavorable responses, particularly for those users who are utilizing it just for fun. The strain can make your eyes feel incredibly dry and bothersome, so you may need to have eye drops available to turn away the distress. 

This bud may likewise make you feel somewhat restless now and again, and in increasingly extreme cases, even marginally jumpy. A few users have supposedly felt bleary-eyed when smoking the strain, even though this is a less regular symptom. 

Growing Sour Amnesia

Sour Amnesia can be very simple to develop and is appropriate for less experienced producers. This bud loves a bright and dry outside atmosphere where it can flourish in the daylight and is commonly impervious to regular vermin and ailments.

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