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Soulshine Aloha

Crossing the rare Ice Princess (Cinderella 99 x White Widow) and tasty Hawaiian Big Bud breeds, Soulshine Aloha is an indica dominated hybrid plant. This bud has round minty green nugs with orange hair, light amber undertones, and a contrasting coating of tiny trichomes of quartz. Aloha by Soulshine Cannabis is a highly sedative plant best saved for the evening (not to be confused for the sativa-dominant form of Aloha).

Flavor and Effects of Soulshine Aloha

Consuming this strain will bring the dank, herbal, pine, and sweet terpenes. After your first hit, the Soulshine Aloha high will make you feel dazed and sedated almost instantly. A deep sense of euphoria first strikes you, leaving you with an elevated sense of happiness and a very hazy sensation of relief. Next comes a light tingly body buzz, washing over you with relaxing sleepy waves that lull you into a sedation state.

Medical Benefits of Soulshine Aloha

Bid farewell to prolonged fatigue with Soulshine Aloha as it is well known for its ability to alleviate pain, relax, help sleep, and help with several emotional and phycological issues such as depression and mental depletion. The symptoms of migraine headaches are eliminated by Soulshine Aloha, especially when smoking too much cannabis. Also, you can get anxiety relief from Soulshine Aloha.

Negative Effects of Soulshine Aloha

This strain will make you experience dryness of the mouth and eyes. In rare cases, dizziness, anxiousness, paranoia, or headache may happen.

Growing Soulshine Aloha

Information about growing this strain is scarce, but an assurance when you’ve got seeds or clippings on this, it would likely to thrive best in warm climate like other strains do. Also, this may be induced with fertilizers for better growth.

Best Place To Buy Soulshine Aloha

Exceptional (9.7)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)

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