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The breeder Aficionado Seeds came up with an idea where the three-way crossing of the Sunset Sherbert, Magnum Opus, and Zkittlez cannabis should end up with an amazing result and get all its desired characteristics. Then the Sorbetto plant came out from combination, the strain that will uplift your mind, but with tranquility. This cannabis has a very distinct smell of mixed citrus and floral with a little sour aroma on the side, perfect for evening use.

Flavor and Effects of Sorbetto Hybrid Strain

The underlying taste of the floral and lemon, mixed with the sweet and sour taste of citrus, is like mixed emotions that will get you to a body high that is quite cerebral but with happy and relaxing feeling., You will also feel the uplifting tingly sensation from your head to toe.

Medical Benefits of Sorbetto Hybrid Strain

Sorbetto is one of the best-sought strain to deal with the following problems, namely nausea, muscle spasms in your body, inflammation, eye glaucoma, relieving chronic pain, and d to deal with the no appetite to eat anything.

Negative Effects of Sorbetto Hybrid Strain

Some would feel nauseated after using the Sorbetto, maybe due to its THC that will put you in sleep right after.

Growing Sorbetto Hybrid Strain

To grow Sorbetto is not so difficult but put it in mind, that, if you are planning to take it indoors, just get a controlling system, so that you can provide every needed factor that will help to thrive this strain, from temperature up to proper lighting.

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