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Sorbet Stash

Sorbet Stash

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Sorbet Stash, have an inviting taste that was well inherited from its parents. This strain from DNA genetics is one of the best unique combinations from crossing Headstash and Sorbet. The result may not be a couch locking type of strain but can definitely send you off to dreamland at night.

Flavor and Effects of Sorbet Stash Hybrid Strain

A beautiful flavor that mixes the pine and fuel hints as to the undertones, with the sweet and creamy taste. The savor is enticing, what more with the happy and uplifting feeling as the effects, and you will enter euphoria. Then the last kick you could get is ended it with you in your bed for a very satisfying sleeping time.

Medical Benefits of Sorbet Stash Hybrid Strain

Now, batting all the mental dysfunctions maybe a little hard, but Sorbet Stash can at least handle the stress and depression, including the problem with sleeping and annoying chronic pain.

Negative Effects of Sorbet Stash Hybrid Strain

For the negative effects, always remember to be hydrated after using, because even the usual dosage can cause a headache and anxiety, at the same time drying of eyes.

Growing Sorbet Stash Hybrid Strain

In most cases, some new growers would try growing indoor than outdoor fro they want to make sure that they can take care of it. Now, the tip for indoor grower, grow it in the greenhouse or not in the corner where there is direct sunlight it has a very big effect on its growth. Aside from that, make sure to put an effort to prune this strain to avoid mildews.