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Sorbet Dreams

Sorbet Dreams

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This heavy resinous bud was created by combining the Kush Dreams with Sorbet by DNA Genetics. The result, namely Sorbet Dreams has a kick that will help you relax a lot with and an overwhelming optimism in your mind. Good choice in the morning to start your day.

Flavor and Effects of Sorbet Dreams Hybrid Strain

The combination of the musky, earthy flavor with a slighter relish of creamthen comes with a taste of herbal. If you are searching for a very euphoric and happy feeling yet very relaxed and uplifted, this strain is for you.

Medical Benefits of Sorbet Dreams Hybrid Strain

For medical benefits, it will always be a good option to uplift the depression and stress that you felt. It can take away the pain from your lower back and migraines.

Negative Effects of Sorbet Dreams Hybrid Strain

You will get to experience dry eyes and drying of the mouth. Some cases would include the watery eyes due to frequent and abusive use of this plant.

Growing Sorbet Dreams Hybrid Strain

Always remember to trim out the sorbet Dreams if you are planning to cultivate it for indoors. Due to its Indica properties, this strain is a fast-growing type of cannabis, and it will really be tall if not followed up properly. You need to install the ventilation system too, to ensure that it will be kept dry and way form diseases. Aside from that, put support for the branches especially of the blooming parts.