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Bred by Soma Seeds, Somari was created by triple crossing Buddha’s Sister with NYC Diesel, and the Kushadelic, highly recommended THC of threes strain passed on good traits to this award-winning offspring.

The Somari has a fruity aroma that turns to be more like the ripe red grapefruit when taken. The high is an amazing feeling of inner peace that a morning routine with it.

Flavor and Effects of Somari

The fruity notes with a twist from the citrus and earthy undertones make this strain so special, even the tranquillity it can offer is superb. You will definitely feel positive vibes and a relaxed worry-free feeling after smoking. Quite uplifting and makes you optimistic about things that will come ahead for the day.

Medical Benefits of Somari

Somari takes two types of physical stress to deal with; first, physical stress that takes you down can be reversed by this plant, which includes chronic pains, headache, tense muscles, and nausea. When in mental stresses that include depression, anxiety, and irritability due to stress, and over fatigue.

Negative Effects of Somari

This potent and high THC cannabis should be used with caution. It has the most relaxed high that you can get, but beware when you overtake, it will take you out of limbo and put you in paranoia. On the simpler side, this can cause irritation of the eyes and drying of the mouth.

Growing Somari

Good traits fro Somari is that it is resistant to powdery mildew and can grow without any problems. But the underlying problem is when it is exposed to mold. This strain has a higher risk for mold; the only way to prevent it is to put proper ventilation for any train that has a lack of breeze will be an uninviting environment to grow your plant.