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Created by Soma Seeds, Somango is an Indica dominant strain made by crossing Super Skunk, Jack Herer, and Big Skunk Korean. Falling in the array of €œIndica stretch€ strains, Somango offers you more than tasty flavors and rich aroma, it gives you balanced effects making it a good choice for the leisure time of the day.

Suited for lovers of both Indica and Sativa, Somango offers you tasty terpenes that will surely satisfy your cravings. It produces large flowers with big buds in Sativa structure. The rich lineage of this photoperiod strain makes it loaded with different properties. The deep blue and purple colors of its flowers added to the overall beauty of this lady which captures the eyes of many cannabis growers. With all of its traits, Somango is more of a total packaged cannabis strain.

Flavor and Effects of Somango

When talking about flavors, Somango speaks for itself. This marijuana has fruity flavors of mango and berry. This fruity flavor gives sweetness in every toke giving you a melt-in-the-mouth cannabis experience. Somango might be an Indica dominant weed but its effect is quite amazing. It gives a functional euphoria effect making you uplifted, focused, relaxed, happy, and sleepy at the same time. Indeed, this cannabis strain gives a functional high effect helping you go through the day or relax after a long day of work.

Medical Benefits of Somango

The sedative property of Somango helped people cope with insomnia, battle with stress, and fight with depression and anxiety. This cannabis is the answer for people looking for a relaxing strain without paranoia effects. On the other hand, this marijuana shows efficiency in relieving pain too.

Negative Effects of Somango.

Like any strains you knew, Somango will give you dry eyes and mouth as its side effects. However, more than that, this strain might also bring headaches and dizziness with large doses. Too much of Somango gives a headache and anxious feeling so consumers must take in a reasonable amount to avoid the said adverse effects.

Growing A Somango Some Information and Tips

This marijuana plant grows in indoor and outdoor cultivation. While it is not difficult to grow, Somango is not easy to cultivate as well. This weed has stretch nature ending up taller than most weeds. For outdoor cultivation, Somango will surely thrive as long as it is taken care of. With a warm and sunny climate, Somango will stretch even more showing you healthy growth throughout the season.

While outdoor suits the most with Somango, indoor growers have the chance to cultivate this strain too. There were successful indoor growers of Somango testifying their high yield. If you prefer to grow indoor, several techniques like SCROG and LST are the best to apply. This height control methods will surely help you maximize your Somango’s yield.