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Solos Stash

Solo’s Stash

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Inter-crossing both famous hybrids, the LA Pure Kush with the Snow Lotus, came to the Solo’s Stash, which was named after the Han’s Solo of Star War Universe.

Solo’s Stash looks like to have faint red-orange hairs and dense coating of white crystal trichomes, together with the light green nugs, that has a quite addicting scent of sweet and earthy undertones.

Flavor and Effects of Solo’s Stash

The sweet vanilla caramel with the twist from sour citrus and lemon makes this strain inviting to try for its tingly effect that starts from head to toes, the euphoric happiness, and relaxing uplifting type of body high that is quite good to be good for evening routine or before going to bed.

Medical Benefits of Solo’s Stash

Solo’s Stash has been an aid to analgesic effects for chronic pain, such as cramps and muscle spasms. Even inflammation and will act as a stress reliever.

Negative Effects of Solo’s Stash

To avoid negative effect s such as drying of the mouth, feeling dizzy, and very anxious, just try to use in moderation and enough dosage.

Growing Solo’s Stash

Solo’s Stash is quite easy to grow, but aside from trimming it, you need to watch the white powdery mildew that will ruin your plant or your whole garden. To understand, this powdery mildew is the cause of low humidity when it comes to the outdoor environment where the gardener has no control over the temperature and humidity setting.