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Snowcap is a hybrid bred from using two hybrids cannabis with exceptional qualities, namely Humboldt Snow and Haze. It has been known to have come from California that will give you a shock from the lemon minted aromas to the enjoyable smoke that has a happy effect. Good for morning use to get you ready for the day.

Flavor and Effects of Snowcap

Well-known flavors from this strain obviously come from the lemon, citrus, and menthol while fully blended with the sweet and undertones of pine. It will help you feel happy and uplifted while euphorically creative and give you more energy to think of your ideas.

Medical Benefits of Snowcap

Depression and stress are the major mental disorders that cannabis can help with, aside from the physical, which are chronic pain, fatigue, and inflammation.

Negative Effects of Snowcap

Light issues that might occur as negative effects are feeling dizzy, anxious, and paranoia, while drying of the mouth and eyes are the common reactions.

Growing Snowcap

Snowcap is a tall type of plant; therefore, it is most prone to breaking when the flowering time comes, and it is most advisable to put support to avoid unlikely circumstances. Another thing is, this strain is identified to be weak against powdery mildew; the great answer to remove is baking soda with a gallon of water, and then spray it directly to the leaf with powdery mildew, this is by far the most effective and safest to control the problem.