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Snow White

Snow White

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Snow White is a known crossbreed of the White Widow and the Northern Lights, a potent high that will deliver a cerebral high that is enjoyable when it comes to uplifting a melancholic feeling or when you just want to sit back and relax and think of happy thoughts. When you get to a whiff of this strain, it will give you sweet citrus with a scent combination from the earth and very dank.

Flavor and Effects of Snow White

The sweetness of citrus added with pine already enticing but with a mixed combination of skunk and woody pines taste with hints of spiciness is superb, not to mention the cerebral effects that will make you very happy and relaxed, the uplifting effect on the mood is quite giggly and can help you focus on tasks that might need your great attention.

Medical Benefits of Snow White

Snow White is a good option strain to help you out with relieving yourself from stress and over fatigue due to too much working, reducing the pain either from chronic or from injuries gotten from blunt or may be due to inflammation. This strain will be a good addition to your anti-depressant cannabis list. For a patient who endures from lack of appetite after going through chemotherapy and to those who are suffering from anorexia.

Negative Effects of Snow White

The drying of the mouth and eyes can be minimized by water intake, but when it comes to the feeling of dizzy and queasy, a slight throbbing of head due to ache, and the low anxiety level are all negative effects of consuming Snow White, so if you are a little sensitive when it comes to THC, then try to dose lower than the usual, maybe that can help in decreasing the dilemma.

Growing Snow White

Snow White is an easy strain to cultivate, but there is a huge difference between outdoor and indoor. Outdoor is an uncontrollable environment; consequently, the factors including the temperature and lighting and the right amount of sunlight or humidity can’t be controlled, other than the heavy rain or strong gust of winds in case. If planning to cultivate in an outdoor garden, remember to enhance the soil nutrients to have a healthier batch of Snow White.

Indoor planting yields more if it is in a hydroponics and using the SOG method (Sea of Green) where you can plant as much as 4 in a single square meter, thus give you the higher yield that will grow faster, aside from the fact that using hydroponics reduces the stress of the plant and lessens diseases that will arise. As good as it sounds, don’t forget to prune your garden to make way for air circulation in plants.