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Snow Monster

Exotic Genetix’s Snow Monster is an indica-dominant cross between Starfighter and The White. This marijuana became famous in the 2014 Cannabis Cup Competition after being one of the contestants. Don’t try this strain if you have a full day ahead of you!

Flavor and Effects of Snow Monster

 The sweet, citrus, nutty, and pine flavor terpenes this strain will bring. This bud will give you an uplifting and bold onset of a cerebral high before you fade into a relaxed, sleepy state. A warm feeling will stretch from head to toe, and your body will float in gelatin as your mind soars.

 Medical Benefits of Snow Monster

 Stress and stress are wiped away as the body’s nagging thoughts are replaced by more than a comfortable sensation of heaviness. Hence, a great remedy for chronic pain, cramps, fibromyalgia, and headaches. Daily use of Snow Monster before bed can boost your sleep and cures insomnia. 

 Negative Effects of Snow Monster

 There may be dry mouth or dry eyes to happen even when the dose is low or high. You may also feel dizziness when at a higher dose.

 Growing Snow Monster 

 It seems that Snow Monster is not available in seed form. While it is not listed as being clone-only, supply is more likely to be limited. But, if one were to expand the plant, it would have to flourish indoors and outdoors, and the warm climate would be best on it. 

Best Place To Buy Snow Monster

Exceptional (9.7)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)

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