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Snoops Dream

Snoop’s Dream

Snoop’s Dream is the best outcome after combining the Blue Dream and Master Kush, from the name itself, this evenly balanced strain is already making its name in the cannabis world, not only it’s smoke that has a peppery and spicy with undertones of grape berries and vanilla. This strain can be used according to your preferred mood, but it is strongly recommended a night.

Flavor and Effects of Snoop’s Dream

Flavors that will note more are peppery and spicy flavors to enjoy. Snoop’s Dream will help you to have a worry-free relaxed state of mind that will make you happy. It can also be euphorically uplifted and create more of inspired thing, thus productivity wins over laziness.

Medical Benefits of Snoop’s Dream

Medicinal benefits to watch for Snoop’s Dream are more on stress relieving and antidepressant, reduce anxiety and pain soothing as well as for insomnia and get your sleeping routine at bay. It has also an anti-inflammatory effect to help body to heal out

Negative Effects of Snoop’s Dream

The adverse effect can be reversed by either hydration or using it in moderation. The recreation purpose and medicinal objective lose its importance if too much is consumed and you will slightly feel the dizziness, drying of mouth and eyes and aside from that paranoia will kick in.

Growing Snoop’s Dream

Growing can be done on either indoor or outdoor, but if decided to put this outdoor, trim it other than pruning, for though it is resistant to mold, it depends on its phase, just prune to ensure the mold will not get into its creases and affect the whole batch.

Best Place To Buy Snoop’s Dream

Exceptional (9.7)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)

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