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Snoop Dogg OG

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This strain comes from crossing the genetics of Lemon OG and Sour Diesel. A dominant in indica this strain is and made to be named after the singer, Snoop Dogg. The singer is an avid user of cannabis and dedicated this strain to his. Like the songs he gave that bring the relaxing feeling, this strain will also induce that. If you wanted the soothing relaxation of a song, then this cannabis will give you that by just consuming it. The nugs are in orange colors with amber hair that are thick and splashed with the crystal hue trichomes with those sweet and sticky buds. The fragrance of this strain comes from the pungent tones. 

 Flavor and Effects of Snoop Dogg OG

 This strain shares the spicy, diesel, pine, citrus, and lemon hints in flavor. The initial effect would be the increase in the euphoria level. Then it will switch the picture into a splendid buzz where your perspectives would be more on beautiful things. It flows down to the limbs in a soft touch that will then relax your muscles after that mental buzz. But then again, the frequency will come in rise and will wave your senses in creeping through relaxation. And if you are new to this, it will make you loaded and kicked out. The laziness will be heightening up and the couch-lock moment will stir you. On the other hand, the strain leads to a severe case of cravings.

 Medical Benefits of Snoop Dogg OG

 Snoop Dogg OG is best for medicinal purposes. It strong in Indica will bring comfort to the dampening discomfort you are feeling. This is often used to prevent inflammation and brings healing to it. In an instance, this strain will serve as a good companion if you had problems in the appetite, especially if you are lacking fondness in a meal. Snoop Dogg OG is beneficial for those who wanted a good quality of the night’s sleep. You will get to explore the good use of this strain as it is best for insomniacs.

 Negative Effects of Snoop Dogg OG

 The signs of dry mouth and eyes occur at any moment one is overindulging this. Other than that, you would also be feeling dizzy. A quick tip, use this strain in small amounts to keep away from the negative effects.

 Growing Snoop Dogg OG

 The details are being kept in a safe upon growing this, so growing details are quite hard to impose. As such, inferences can only be done as of the moment. As this is an indica dominant strain, it may have a shorter flowering time. At the same time, the supplies of the plants are unnoticeable. Seeds of this strain are not available, thus, you can make a cut from the strain as the alternative way to cultivate this. Since its high in indica, this strain will reward you with an average yield.