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Smooth Operator

Smooth Operator

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Smooth Operator was created by Colorad Seed Inc. through breeding two exquisite strains called the Purple Trainwreck and the famous Rug Burn OG. Both parents have a very sweet aroma, but with Smooth Operator boasting pepper and the diesel comes very engaging at the last whiff.

Flavor and Effects of Smooth Operator

The lasting flavors that will stick on your mouth starts from the chemically sweet tasted of fruit, then with a sliced of peppery spicy taste. You will get focused after taking the Smooth Operator, all positivity, and ecstatic euphoria will be experienced while hungry feeling will come around as the high wears off in your body.

Medical Benefits of Smooth Operator

Battling anorexia will be much easier if you have an appetite enhancer such as Smooth Operator. It can also help in lowering symptoms of nausea and depression, together with relieving you from glaucoma.

Negative Effects of Smooth Operator

It is most common to feel an irritated throat due to dryness after using the Smooth Operator, though when too much is consumed, paranoia and dizziness will elevate at a much higher level. Consume this strain just for recreational and medical purposes, and prevent from overdosing.

Growing Smooth Operator

Smooth Operator is best-grown indoors where the controllable environment is much easier to handle, from the temperature up to its lighting which the flowering plants need. You can also set-up a proficient ventilator but if you opt to do the cheaper way, the fan can always work like a magic without overspending.

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