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Slurricane, developed by In House Genetics which crosses the genetics of Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch. The pungent terpene profile of indica-dominant combination drives strong creamy OG aromas with tropical blueberries scent undertones. Not the hardest of Indicas, but Slurricane offers a good night’s “Netflix and Chill”. No reported appearance is being tackled by this strain, but like any other strains, this provides dense buds with clear pistils that are great to look at. Also, this will give the green hues together with purple colors.

 Flavor and Effects of Slurricane

The flavor of Slurricane is of light creamy overtones and a medium hint of berries when the bud is consumed. The berry taste is stronger than the sweet cream overtones. Slurricane’s highly experienced was one that can zone you out, but not in an internal way. Brain was wondering where it was. This is a strain best to take at night, but it should be said that Slurricane does not offer a sensation of a couch lock but more of a loss of concentration. Slurricane can not be considered as a heavy hitter, but it wouldn’t be comfortable out in public when using this. Hence, this is a great €œromantic€ strain as it arouses you.

 Medical Benefits of Slurricane

Because this strain gives the mind joy, this strain can be a good cure to relieve stress and depression. Patients who exhibit signs of depression or even the suspected one may also be able to take this strain as it helps to treat it. Slurricane is, therefore, a great medicine for people who lack their appetite and challenge them to consume more. Physically speaking, this strain can help relieve muscle spasms and then give you the satisfaction of doing things that require physical effort. This can also relieve symptoms such as migraines or headaches.

 Negative Effects of Slurricane

Even if you are a seasoned consumer or a novice user, Slurricane strain will expose you to the drying of your mouth and eyes as you consume it. While heavy usage on this strain can induce dizziness, headache and anxiety, and so as first-time users.

 Growing Slurricane

This strain can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. No rumors are being said on what type of climate this must be perfectly grown. But, the best thing to induce this one is in a controlled environment. The lighting, humidity, and temperature should be easily adjusted to keep track of the strain’s growth phase. Additionally, this should be placed in a setting free from the drastic change of weather. Also, free from pests and disease would be surely best in growing this strain. You may also add some fertilizers on it but make sure not to overindulge it as it may tend to harm the plant.