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Slice Of Heaven

Slice Of Heaven

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Slice of Heaven, a well-balanced strain from combining the Skwurl Killer and Iced Grapefruit. Thanks to the Pollen Nation Elite Genetics, this strain brought a very cerebral high to make you happy. The aromas to enjoy are the complicated scent of mixed fruit and citrus with a kick of fuel at the last toke. This is perfect for morning or night, not just for recreation and fun but also for medicinal purposes as well.

Flavor and Effects of Slice of Heaven

An enjoyable combination of citrus taste and the fruity flavors and hints of fuel will definitely keep this as your to-go strain. Slice of Heaven is great cannabis to stimulate your mind and give you more focus. You will also feel very uplifted as the high bar settles in your system as well as the happiness inside lingers for too long and the flow of creativity follows.

Medical Benefits of Slice of Heaven

Excellent cannabis to try for depression and stress that will also give you analgesic effects for pain, muscle tension, eye pressure, and chronic pain too.

Negative Effects of Slice of Heaven

Drying of the mouth is the most common negative effect of this strain. But most likely, if too much was consumed, you will experience dry irritate eyes and cottonmouth.

Growing Slice of Heaven

In growing this strain, everyone is welcome, even the newbies. Just make sure that you will do the basic methods to ensure that it won’t get sick from mold and mildews by pruning if needed. It should also be trimmed if it starts to grow.