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Sky Lotus

Sky Lotus

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Sky Lotus of Bodhi Seeds is the outcome of crossing the Mazar, Blueberry OG, and the Snow Lotus. This cannabis is hard to find strain in the market, but its uniquely rare high will make you find it and try the soaring result in your mind and that relaxing feeling of your body. It has a full citrus floral and lemon aroma with a hint from the earthy herbal pine and woody scent.

Flavor and Effects of Sky Lotus

To taste are the sweet berry and sour lemony flavors with a twist woody and pine that stays in the palate that you will completely enjoy with its giggly relaxing outturn that will uplift your mood. You will be feeling the tingle from your head up to your toe that drives you more into many ideas.

Medical Benefits of Sky Lotus

Perfect for dealing with high anxiety, fatigue, and stress levels. It can also be used as an anti-depressant and vanish insomnia.

Negative Effects of Sky Lotus

You will be feeling a little dizzy after taking other than the headache and out of sorts feeling. If your eyes are irritated and the same with your mouth drink lots of water, it will reduce the negative reactions.

Growing Sky Lotus

Sky Lotus is best grown in an indoor setup and should not be harvest until the last phase. This strain should be given more nutrients as it grows aside from pruning of the dead leaves and branches, for its needs varies by phase, a little bit tedious but very rewarding

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