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Skunkberry is an offspring of the Skunk, known to be very good at stoning and the Blueberry, as sweet as it sounds but had brought trophies of its own for winning 1st place in High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Indica 2000 and 3rd place for 2001, both are famous and has many characteristics that made it created for something more than its parents. Skunkberry had won trophies of its own for being the best hybrid of High Times Cannabis Cup 2012 and with the #1 Recreational hybrid of the THC Championship 2016. It has been one of the longest standing strain available loved by newbies and even the veteran user.

When you get a smell of this strain, you will probably know why it was called the Skunkberry, aside from it was taken from the parents itself. Boasting a heavy aroma of pure blue cheese, skunk scent, and sweet berries, and it is well described to have a mellow high, which is not that strong but satisfying.

Flavor and Effects of Skunkberry

Skunkberry is enclosed with the tempting taste of sweet blueberry and berry with a subtle hint of a spicy, earthy taste. You may feel very worry-free with this strain and relaxed aside from very happy, mood uplifted, and most of all, you can be creative, for it is mind-enhancing to help you with any ideas.

Medical Benefits of Skunkberry

Skunkberry is good for people who are having difficulties to focus and be balanced due to depression, stress, and anxiety. It is also used by veterans for coping with their PTSD, a pain reliever for cramps, eye pressure, migraines, and arthritis.

Negative Effects of Skunkberry

Though this strain has many benefits when consumed, it can also be the cause of some issues such as dizziness and headache; you may also feel drying of the mouth and eyes. so make an effort to hydrate yourself to avoid the said negative reactions.

Growing Skunkberry

Skunkberry is cannabis with an overwhelming smell, so if you do have space where there are no nosy neighbors, then it is fine, but for those who are in very enclosed streets and neighborhoods, you must start to rethink and put this in an indoor. Basic maintenance in taking care of this strain involves pruning, where dead leaves will be removed, and some parts of the plant will be shared with nutrients.

Most gardeners prefer the Skunkberry in a controllable environment. To start with, a ventilation set-up is a good option; it would be either advance ventilation or with just an ordinary fan. Due to its strong smell, you might install a carbon filter to make sure that the odor circulating inside your garden will be reduced.