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Skunk No.1

Skunk No.1

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Skunk No. 1 is the parent of all the Skunk parents out there. This was created by combining the Afghani indica, Acapulco Gold, and Colombian Gold last 1970s by Sacred Seed Co.. This can be used for recreation purposes but will somehow give you more if taken for medicinal purposes.

Warning to newbies, If you are not a fan of skunky aroma, then move to others strain, but if you are looking for balanced and soothing, then you must try this sweet and sour twisted with skunky scent cannabis.

Flavor and Effects of Skunk No. 1

Enjoy the pungent skunk and earthy herbal taste with a little twist of the sweet-sour and spicy kick of flavor. Take time to enslave yourself with the Skunk No. 1 relaxing effect and very amazing euphoric happiness. As you feel uplifted you will notice that you are getting sleepy

Medical Benefits of Skunk No. 1

You will unleash all the tension and stress residing in your body. Ease out the lack of appetite and insomnia, and relieve all your pain.

Negative Effects of Skunk No. 1

You can hydrate yourself before and after consuming the Skunk No. 1, for it can cause a very dry mouth, eyes and feel dizzy. Aside from all that, you might also expect to feel paranoia anxiety if too much was puffed.

Growing Skunk No. 1

All the good qualities are already given, but remember that the molds attack on this strain comes only when it is during the last stage of the flowering phase, so keep it ventilated at those times to ensure that no mildews will ruin the batch that you took care of how long weeks.