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Skunk Haze

Skunk Haze

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Skunk Haze has an aroma taken of what its name is, pretty dominant pungent skunk smell with spicy herbal and earthy odor. This is the result after intertwining the two cannabis strains called Skunk No. 1, distinguished for intensely active and energizing effects while the Haze is more on the cerebral high, but nonetheless, very satisfying parents of the Skunk Haze.

Flavor and Effects of Skunk Haze

Flavors of the Skunk Haze are sweet lemon with hints of spiciness of the herb. You will feel very relaxed and worry-free when this strain starts, then comes the happy and focused influenced by its high THC level. Creativity sets in when the high took over your body, and prepare for something to munch on for the hunger pangs will be crying for snacks.

Medical Benefits of Skunk Haze

A high level of stress and slightly severe depression can be managed by using the Skunk Haze. It can also deal with chronic pain and used as an analgesic option for migraines, usual pain such as headaches, aches from injuries up to muscle cramps, and spasms.

Negative Effects of Skunk Haze

You will feel drying of the mouth and very dizzy after consuming the Skunk Haze, but when it is used frequently, it may result in both the negative effects, including a sense of anxiety increase, drying of the eyes, and a slight headache.

Growing Skunk Haze

Tall plants are kind of real time consuming when cultivated, but most often to Skunk Haze gardeners, they don’t mind taking care of it as long as they will get the right way, and they can try and enjoy its effects.

Skunk Haze height is a little bit of too much to plant in the outdoors, but it can always be topped to avoid such attention. In this way, it can also be helpful when other nodes are growing; it will be exposed to more sunlight and air, thus making it healthier and safe from diseases. The biggest problem arising when grown outside is dealing with the spider mites. Spider mites infestation can wreck your yield because it will stunt the growth. way to get rid of it can be done inan organic way or using a chemical.

Organic includes many ways, to name some few are, using essential oils, which many gardeners prefer over chemicals to avoid the harm it can do when dried out in the leaves of marijuana. others use insecticidal soap, though this treatment is not for a bunch or one punch a time way because this works more on-the-spot literally to avoid growing buds, this may be done multiple times to see the results.