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Feeling a long-lasting buzz on the body is the effect of an Indica dominant hybrid called Sizzurp; as a result, after combining the great Spirit in the Sky and Cookies and Cream strains, a good idea indeed by the breeder Exotic Genetix.

Features an aroma mixture of cough syrup, lemon soda with hard fruity candies, Sizzurp can cause a mellow headed effect that is the best use in the evening or make it part of your night routine before sleeping.

Flavor and Effects of Sizzurp

Flavor to fill up your palate includes the acidity of lemon and lime and sweetness of sugary candy, and the cough syrup undermines with slight earthy on tastes. the long-lasting effect is mostly cerebral high and euphoric. You may be focused and happy, but as the high taps, you out, relaxing feeling hugs you but very hungry as well.

Medical Benefits of Sizzurp

To relax your tensed muscles that cause spasms is one of the few benefits of using the Sizzurp. You can also be aided by headaches, painful inflammation, disturbing insomnia, and, most of all, the appetite loss.

Negative Effects of Sizzurp

Because of the high THC, you will feel anxious and nervous; you might also feel drying both your mouth and eyes.

Growing Sizzurp

If you opt to choose indoor planting, you can use Sea of Green set-up to double your yield, but it is a must not forget pruning the batch to make sure it is healthy and gets all the nutrients provided from the hydroponics, no matter if what medium will be used.

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