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Six Shooter

Six Shooter

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An evenly balanced strain as a result of a combination of not just four but five famous cannabis, namely Haze, Super Skunk, Northern Lights, Brazilian Royal Dutch , and the Trainwreck. Good strains result into an excellent heavy-hitting Six Shooter, an inviting aroma of earthy, floral with kick pine, pungent with undertones of skunky and Spicy

Flavor and Effects of Six Shooter

The Citrus herbal lemony tastes are an appetizing profile of Six Shooter added with its skunky but sweet and sour flavor. The cerebral high can push you to be very creative and euphorically happy. As the high settle in your body, relaxing washes and enjoy the hunger as you eat for a lot

Medical Benefits of the Six Shooter

Good for reducing anxiety, when appetite is lost due to illness or by mental problems that manifested in the body. It is also anti-pain for headaches and chronic pain.

Negative Effects of Six Shooter

Just hydrate yourself before and after to somehow reduce the drying of both and eyes and mouth as well. Some cases would be the cottonmouth or much worse is when consumed in a much higher dose, paranoia will be felt aside from feeling green or the effect that makes you feel nauseous and want to throw up

Growing Six Shooter

If you are aiming for a higher yield, you can plant this indoor by using the Sea of Green and through hydroponics. You have lots of choices to use as a medium namely rock wool, peat moss, and coco coir, sand, perlite, and the vermiculite but the most famous is the expanded clay

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