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SinMint Cookies

SinMint Cookies

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Sinmint Cookies is addictive when it comes to flavor and aroma, as well. This crossbreed from the sweet Girl Scout Cookies and the Blue Power strains is a slightly Indica leaning cannabis with amazing effects that will be listed on your most favorites marijuana to-go. It possesses very light green crystal-like trichomes, with its big elongated pepper-shaped flashy green nugs and light brown hairs.

A very kush aroma that includes the sweetness of cookies and nuts with a kick of minty scent at the end. Sinmint Cookies is a strain that is also known to glaucoma patients, for it can help to alleviate it and relieving the symptoms. Its high can last for a long time, so relaxation can be yours for some time; just make sure that you have no other plans after using it, for you will definitely give in to its lazy day effects.

Flavor and Effects of Sinmint Cookies

Sinmint has a lot of flavors that definitely make you happy for that is the main goal of this cannabis to make you dandy with its sweet berry flavors mixed with the nutty cookie then, a little blended taste of the acid in a lemon and overwhelming minty punch and earthy taste on it. Exact effects that will hit you will be more on the relaxation side while you are in euphoric happiness. As the high sits in, you will feel a little sleepy, and the sense of floating and uplifted starts.

Medical Benefits of Sinmint Cookies

Aside from its properties that will decrease the pain level that you felt from suffering from chronic pain, the cramps, and muscle spasm, it can also do well in diminishing fatigue and stress included. You might put it in your list of cannabis to battle for insomnia and depression for Sinmint Cookies is good in these cases.

Negative Effects of Sinmint Cookies

The recreational or medicinal purpose for using Sinmint Cookies will still make you have a dry mouth associated with the itchy throat, drying of the eyes, feel dizzy, and in some cases, you can have a slight headache to experience and a little anxious as well.

Growing Sinmint Cookies

Sinmint Cookies are one of those tall plants that need a lot of maintenance to do so it can survive and reach the harvest month. It is easily stressed out with lots of factors such as the temperature to keep them warm for if it is not exposed well to warm and a little sunny environment; it can easily affect its growth and get molds and diseases. Even if you grow it indoor with a controllable environment, check for the Ph level of the soil that you will be using.