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Sin Valley OG

Sin Valley OG

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In creating this Indica dominant hybrid strain, Sin City Seeds used the well-known SFV OG and the Blue Power. It is a high potency that will definitely amaze newbies and even avid fans of both parents.

Flavor and Effects of Sin Valley OG

Enjoy the lemon and orange twist of sweetness and tangy flavors that will be mixed with earthy pine tastes afterward that will help in increasing the cerebral effects, then pushes you into euphoria and very happy. AS much as the hunger strikes, you will still feel relaxed and very creative as well.

Medical Benefits of Sin Valley OG

Sin Valley OG is widely known for lessening ADHD, bipolar and PTSD symptoms, aside from the stress and depression. It can also be helpful for dealing with sleepless nights and if you lack appetite.

Negative Effects of Sin Valley OG

Using Sin Valley OG most likely make eyes really dry because of its THC level, but to make sure you won’t be paranoid and anxious or feeling queasy, just use according to what you can handle.

Growing Sin Valley OG

Sin Valley OG is a completely manageable strain as long as you know the basics, such as pruning to remove dead branches and leaves that are not really consuming nutrients, but it hinders them from flowing to other parts. It should also be essential to do trimming, not just for its growth but also to make way for lower nodes to reach by the sun.

Most important on this strain is it can survive in any environment, given that it has a perfect climate, but, most often, indoor was the best option to cultivate.