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Silverfalls Kush

Silverfalls Kush

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Silverfalls Kush is a half hybrid of OG Kush that provides a very good boost of mood and enhances positivity aside from it is used for pain-relieving and recreational use. Strawberry that is quite sweet, then the aroma of sour and spicy herbal scent can be whiffed in this strain, heavy but not overwhelming.

Flavor and Effects of Silverfalls Kush

Tempting flavors of Silverfalls Kush consist of sweet berry fruits with little hints of herbs and kick of spice. You will feel the euphoric type of happiness when consuming, then as the high sits in, you will be giggly at anything and prepare for something to eat for you will be devouring more to satisfy yourself.

Medical Benefits of Silverfalls Kush

Chronic pain and common pain, from mild to severe cases of headache, migraine, and back injuries, will be reduced by the Silverfalls Kush. Sore up inflammation, stress, and fatigue, including insomnia, are also on its medical benefit list.

Negative Effects of Silverfalls Kush

Drying of mouth and light paranoia are the common adverse effects of using the Silverfalls Kush.

Growing Silverfalls Kush

Silverfalls Kush will grow form medium to high in stature that makes it top obvious when placed outside; however, you can trim the top of this cannabis to make sure that it won’t be too showy to your neighbors.

Always remember to feed with the right nutrients with doubt too much serving, or else it will get stressed out, and the worst case would be lowered THC level.

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