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Silverback Gorilla

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Colorado Seed Inc. is known by its strain that possesses the air and clear strain, but this Silverback Gorilla is way different as it brings some obscure roots. This strain is high in indica and it comes from the Hawaiian genes under evolution, precisely that characteristic that remained are being unknown. It is reported that it is a mixture of Grape Ape and Super Silver Haze, but no one can prove or justified this mixture. Silverback Gorilla brings the round, thick nugs that comes in the shape of popcorn. It brings the deep purple hues with the more leaves in the stem. The nugs are scattered in orange colors with the sticky and thick resin coated in crystal trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Silverback Gorilla

The flavor profile of this strain is the berry, fruity, grape, spicy, and sweet undertones. This strain will hit you hard which can be the best acquaintance within the night. The powerful laziness will inject your limbs and brings more relaxation that you’ll likely feel sedate. It will be then followed by going on a dreamy state. A warming sensation in the skin will vibrate the limbs and draw you in the nearest possible couch or mattress. You may experience an elevation in the euphoria together with propensity and the vitality to make friends. By just a small dose, you will quickly feel its effect.

 Medical Benefits of Silverback Gorilla

Winding down after the long hard day, this strain will let you accomplished that and brings your medical benefits. Psychological conditions that can be associated with PTSD, depression, stress, bipolar disorder, and anxiety will be medicated by this strain. Your complaints and all the nagging from the bodily pains will be no more present. Your appetite will also come in the form of elevating the likeness to consume more meals. Due to the strain’s potent effects, this will ideally be best in treating you with conditions like nerve damage.

 Negative Effects of Silverback Gorilla

The negative effects of Silverback Gorilla are dry eyes and paranoia. The feeling of being groggy after consuming too much of this strain will highly knock in you.

 Growing Silverback Gorilla

Breeders of this strain have gone to secretly keep the strain as elusive as it can be. This is often rumored that this is not the ideal strain to cultivate as it bring low in yield production. In fact, it’s appearance is so small that it’s hard to acquire this strain within the market or even those who used this to form a new strain. A mysterious hybrid can be sometimes called. Silverback Gorilla doesn’t give you the idea to grow this strain on your own. Hence, here comes another rumor that those who greatly acquire this strain provided a lot of attention within the growing process.