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Silver Cindy

Silver Cindy

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A Sativa leaning strain as a result of crossing the SilverBack and the elusive and rare Rebel God Smoke, very potent and the high that it can give is very cerebral and unforgettable.

The name was taken from the features itself, the prominent silver and flashy tones of hairs that look very luminous and bright up when touch by the lights. Aroma includes the strong, very ripe grape and hashy.

Flavor and Effects of Silver Cindy

The sweetness of berry and grape twisted with the spiciness in your palate is irritable. it can cause arousal when consumed, energizing high that may cause you to euphoric and uplifted. Feeling happiness will embrace you and sets you in a worry-free mode

Medical Benefits of Silver Cindy

Because of its energizing effects, this strain is good for aiding depression in balancing mood swings, including stress and fatigue. Headaches will be treated and feeling noxious, as well.

Negative Effects of Silver Cindy

It is common to experience the headache after and the eye pressure, including drying of the mouth. Just use this strain with caution, for it can heighten the nervous level after.

Growing Silver Cindy

Always remember to do pruning on this batch to improve the circulation of the air in the plant’s creases and inside streaks to prevent from catching mold and diseases, that nay is resulting in drying of all the batch of cannabis. It can also help if you do indoor planting to put a carbon filter or exhaust to avoid odor accumulation inside the garden.

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