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Silver Cheese

Silver Cheese

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Silver Cheese, is an award-winning strain of its own league. It is the offspring of the famous Big Buddha and the famous Super Silver Haze, which are also known to be the longest existing marijuana. As different as it sounds but the smell is a delectable aroma of pungent yet very fruity sweet that makes it unique from other strain.

Flavor and Effects of Silver Cheese

The Silver Cheese has a sweet, pungent, and cheese flavored with a little twist on its fruity sides. Best cannabis to find your self-motivated with creativeness gives you high energy to sustain your day and, most of all, the euphoric happiness that will uplift you from feeling down.

Medical Benefits of Silver Cheese

If you feel very low and stressed out, this strain can help you to release tension in your body and aid you from depression. It can also be a good option to help you with discomfort, such as chronic pain and headaches.

Negative Effects of Silver Cheese

For the negative effects, drying off eyes is the most common associated with a slight dizzy sensation.

Growing Silver Cheese

Silver Cheese can be easy for gardeners with experience but the most common mistake in cultivating this plant includes disregarding the idea that the growing phase of this plant must be level to its needed temperature and lighting so indoor can be a good choice to control the environment and at the same time, reduce the stress that it can cause the plant.

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