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Shiva Skunk

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This strain is well-known from the Sensi Seeds in the Amsterdam which resulted in a heavy indica hybrid and brings a powerful history for its sedative properties and the large yields. Shiva Skunk comes from crossing the popular Skunk #1 together with the resinous Northern Lights #5 which is also hardy. This comes in the form of cotton balls with sugar leaves that are tightly coated and bring more sting than other strains. The yellowish-green leaves with the bright orange hues of pistils, and the glassy coating comes from its traditional lineage. 

Flavor and Effects of Shiva Skunk

 Tasting sweet and almost a bit milky, along with refreshing hints of berries, menthol, and pine this strain will bring. You will be surprised as this stain is not for energizing. Instead, it will embrace you with a hard-rock euphoria that will pave your way when your dose is way too high. An acute body this stain may bring but it will largely make your mind improve emotional capabilities and contentment, as well as clearing your thoughts and leaving you the pleasant ones. If you wanted to let out the best of your creativity, then this strain is the best choice.

 Medical Benefits of Shiva Skunk

 Shiva Skunk is a strain that brings medical healing to some symptoms. This works well in treating stress, depression, sleep disorders, chronic pain, or alleviating insomnia. Thus, this will be the perfect option for those debilitating conditions. The best way to conduct this strain is for anxiety ad can be achieved by consuming in higher quantities or mixing it with the food. Whatever edible you are going to make this strain, it is still okay as long as it won’t harm you. 

 Negative Effects of Shiva Skunk

 Upon smoking this strain of marijuana, dry eyes and dry mouth (cottonmouth) should be expected frequently. Headaches and dizziness may occur under particularly rare cases, but this will likely happen when you had the same reacting from the marijuana you had in the past. 

 Growing Shiva Skunk

 This strain prefers a Mediterranean-like climate that you can put it in any room; it can be indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. Avoid exposing this strain in the cold weather as it may harm its growth. Hence, those frigid temperatures will kill the strain in a full sense that’s why you need to replicate the same warm climate. The method to be used is the hydroponics and the soil as a medium. It may tent to grow small but this strain will want the best water foundation; thus, you are encouraged to implement the Sea of Green (SOG) method. And by doing that, you will greatly achieve more yield.