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Shit cannabis strain by Mr. Nice Seedbank is a genuine Skunk/Afghan half breed. Shit cannabis strain is a hybrid of Afghani and Skunk#1 cannabis strains. It scents of unforgiving skunk, fiery earth and spoiled organic product, while the flavor simply comparative however remaining on the hearty side. Nugs are breezy and protracted with numerous leaves, splendid purple undercurrents, and a couple and orange hairs. It can treat torment, fits or tremors, and aggravation. Perfect for daytime or night utilization.

Flavor and Effects of Shit

The taste is of very fiery earth with a skunky sharpness that stays long after breathe out. Crap cannabis strain’s high offers a smooth, offset buzz beginning with somewhat foggy rapture, and a warming physical stone combined with some munchies.

Medical Benefits of Shit

In light of these incredible indica impacts, Shit is said to be ideal for treating ceaseless agony, tremors or muscle fits, and irritation.

Negative Effects of Shit

This landrace strain is strong and can cause some symptoms, particularly when expended in a higher portion. Crap will make you feel dried out, with an instance of cotton-mouth, joined by dry and bothersome eyes, making you feel dried. Crap may cause other unfavorable impacts, for example, slight dazedness, particularly in the event that you are a beginner smoker.


Shit is an extraordinary decision to consider on the off chance that you are attempting to breed your very own strain, as this indica is a perfect parent strain to cross. When developing this plant outside, be certain you give it loads of daylight and its favored Mediterranean open-air atmosphere.

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