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Shishkaberry, or “Kish,” is an indica-dominant hybrid developed by crossing DJ Short Blueberry with an unidentified Afghani strain. This variety comes from anonymous growers and at the 2001 High Times Marijuana Cup, it won second place for the best indica. Shishkaberry buds with minty green leaves and undertones have large spade-shaped dark olive green nugs. These nugs are sprinkled with furry dark amber hairs and with thick white trichomes they are absolutely frosty.

 Flavor and Effects of Shishkaberry

The touches of sweet flavor together with berry, blueberry, and grape undertones this strain will give and you will surely enjoy the best. Get ready with this strain for a high roller-coaster when you start with a high head that leaves you emotional, centered and incredibly happy. Take advantage of this moment now before things change if you have stuff to do. You will find that your high is starting to crawl over your whole body and that all possibility of being successful is fading. Shishkaberry turns into a powerful sedative that urges you to be one with your couch and lull you into a relaxed and dreamy state.

 Medical Benefits of Shishkaberry

Like any cannabinoid plant that causes high levels of cerebral and body buzz, the immediate benefits are stress relief. As a consequence, mental health, anxieties, and depression will be diminished. Dealing with stress is one of Shishkaberry’s top medical applications. Apart from mental health, this strain’s strong sedative property helps alleviate chronic pain and aches, making it popular for people with asthma and migraines. Additionally, Shishkaberry is a perfect strain to treat patients with diseases like Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease. It also helps those who struggle with vomiting episodes. Your appetite will be boosted by taking this strain. The potent sedative property also makes Shishkaberry a perfect strain for end-of-day use as somnolence sets in, allowing insomniacs and anyone else who has trouble sleeping get the remainder of a good night.

 Negative Effects of Shishkaberry

You’re likely to feel uncomfortable with your mouth and eyes drying. That’s why we always recommend drinking water to stay hydrated while still avoiding a slight chance of a mild headache. This is a rare occurrence with the Shishkaberry, so if one can not handle its potency, there may be bouts of anxiety or a rise in the paranoia scale.

Growing Shishkaberry

Shishkaberry is one of the easiest strains to grow, which makes it ideal for beginners. It can be grown indoors, outdoors, and in a greenhouse. Shishkaberry grows best using hydroponics and the Sea of Green (SOG) method. Also, this thrives best in a warm climate.