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Indica-dominant Sherbet is the offspring of influential Girl Scout Cookies and the Pink Panties cannabis strain, a sweet name to give for a heady type of marijuana. Luckily, this plant inherited many aromas from the parents, a little od something to make a whole of everything, as they say, the fruity sweet, reminds you of candies combined with the berries taken from it Girl Scout Cookies and acidic citrus and a little bit skunky.

Indica hybrids are well known to have a high THC level, and Sherbet is between 15% to 19% makes it essential if you want heavy-hitting cannabis that will last for how many hours of recreational use or for medicinal use that involves pain such as spinal cord injuries and such. Sherbet looks more of a Christmas tree, ornamented with long streaks of tangerine hairs and covered with the white crystallized trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Sherbet

Flavors to taste for Sherbet is a surprising sweetness and creaminess of fresh fruits with tones of mint and the nutty taste accentuated with tangy when exhaled. Sherbet is known for its unique that will keep you feel uplifted while energized. You may feel euphoric and happy, which is quite relaxing to mind and body. As the high sets in, you will be feeling lethargic but with hunger pangs as well. So keep in mind to keep food beside you.

Medical Benefits of Sherbet

Sherbet is beneficial from treating mood swings, chill you out to avoid stress and fatigue due to overwork, reduce anxiety and depression. It can also tone down chronic pain, namely stomach ulcers, gallbladder diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, or fibromyalgia.

Negative Effects of Sherbet

There are three common negative effects known after using Sherbet, specifically drying fo the mouth, the eye is also drying that leads to irritation, but when overdosing, it may cause nausea and dizziness associated with disorientation.

Growing Sherbet

Surprisingly, this cannabis can grow well with any environment you can think of, but due to its bushy and dense body, don’t forget to maintain it with pruning. Pruning can help out lower buds that need to be laid bare and keep it dry. Outdoor cultivation can make Sherbet unprotected to diseases from mildews, though it is known to be resistant, it can still be prone to other diseases. Apart from that, Sherbet is known with soil as the best medium; if you have sandy soil in your area, it can easily be turned into a healthy one by prepping it before using. The 3 to 4 inches compost, then followed by mulching with any organic material, and in just a couple of weeks, your healthy soil is ready for planting.

Indoor planting is much easier for this strain as long as you have a controlled environment with low humidity; however, don’t use hydroponics with Sherbet, as it can’t help in keeping the level of humidity much lower than needed

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